Hybrid-Maize User's Guide

The User's Guide includes operation instructions, examples of applications, and scientific documentation (Click the link at the end of this page to open the entire file)


Terms of use
About Hybrid-Maize model

What's new in the version

1. Yield Potential and Yield Gaps

2. Using the Hybrid-Maize model
2.1. Installation
2.2. A Quick Simulation Run

2.3. Model Inputs
2.3.1. General Options and Parameter Settings
2.3.2. Weather Data
2.3.3. Simulation Modes

2.3.4. Crop Management Details
2.3.5. Water
2.3.6. Soil

2.4.1. Results
2.4.2. Chart
2.4.3. Growth
2.4.4. Weather
2.4.5. Water
2.4.6. Saving and Printing Results

3. Model Applications
3.1. Analyzing Site Yield Potential under Optimal Conditions
3.2. Analyzing Water Requirements for Achieving the Site Yield Potential

3.3. Analysis of Yield Determinants in Past Cropping Seasons and Cropping Systems
3.4. Current Season Simulation of Maize Growth and Yield Forecasting

4. Detailed Information about the Hybrid-Maize Model
4.1. Crop Growth and Development Processes
4.1.1. Daily GDD Computation
4.1.2. Daily CO 2 Assimilation
4.1.3. Maintenance Respiration and Net Carbohydrate Production
4.1.4. Growth Stages
4.1.5. Leaf Growth and Senescence
4.1.6. Stem and Cob Growth
4.1.7. Root Growth
4.1.8. Adjustment of growth rates for leaf, stem, cob and roots
4.1.9. Grain filling
4.1.10. Initiation of a simulation run
4.2. Water Balance and Soil Water Dynamics
4.2.1. Rooting Depth and Water Uptake Weighing Factor
4.2.2. Maximum Evaporation and Maximum Transpiration
4.2.3. Actual Evaporation
4.2.4. Actual Transpiration and Water Stress Coefficient

4.3. Correlations of total GDD to RM and GDD-to-silking to total GDD
4.4. Sensitivity Analysis and Model Validation
4.4.1. Sensitivity to Selected Model Parameters
4.4.2. Prediction of LAI and Aboveground Biomass Dynamics
4.4.3. Prediction of Grain Yield
4.5. Uncertainties and Future Improvements

5. References

6. Appendix
6.1. User-modifiable Parameters Describing Crop Growth and Development
6.2. Default Soil Physical Properties for Different Soil Texture Classes
6.3. Simulation of Major Growth and Development Processes in Different Models

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