Utilities & other models

1, WeatherAid

WeatherAid is designed to facilitate management of weather data for use with the Hybrid-Maize model or for other general purposes. Specifically, WeatherAid performs six tasks:

  1. Convert weather data to the format and units required by Hybrid-Maize;
  2. Check weather data for out-of-range entries amd missing-value entries;
  3. Estimate daily solar radiation from daily maximum and minimum temperatures;
  4. Estimate daily solar radiation from sunshine hours
  5. Estimate crop reference evapotranspiration (ET0) using pan evaporation, wind speed and air humidity;
  6. Estimate ET0 based on the FAO Penman-Monteith method using standard weather variables, including solar radiation, temperature, wind speed and air humidity.

Input weather data must be in daily time intervals. The program works with data of all common units and formats as long as the input file is a text file and the data are separated (i.e., in columns but without alignment). The column separators can be comma (','), or semicolon (';'), or space, or tab.

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2, Weather Interpolator

Weather Interpolator is to interpolate weather data for a location based on weather data of three nearest weather stations

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3, Weather Stat

Weather Stat is to calculate means or totals of a variables for a specific period from long-term daily weather data

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4, DK C&N

DK C&N model simulates soil carbon and nitrogen mineralization on a daily or monthly time steps. It uses the concept of first-order kinetics but with a dynamic rate constant.

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