About Hybrid-Maize

Features of the Hybrid-Maize software

(current version 2016. Click here to download the peer-reviewed publication on the lasted version)


  • Four simulation modes:
    • Single year
    • Single year with long-term runs
    • Long-term run
    • Current season prediction
  • Two water conditions:
    • Optimal water supply (for potential growth and yield)
    • Rainfed/irrigation (for water limited growth and yield)
  • Intuitive and simply input settings
  • Start either from planting or emergence
  • Maturity can be set by total GDD/GDU, or relative maturity rating, or actual date of physiological maturity (i.e., blacklayer)
  • Option of setting date of silking or GDD-to-silking
  • Option of English units or metric units
  • Input settings can be saved and retrieved
  • Topic sensitive help system
  • Comprehensive user's guide with examples of applications and complete scientific documentation.

For irrigated conditions

  • Model estimation irrigation requirement for both timing and amounty
  • Easy and flexible entry of irrigation schedule

Simulation outputs

  • Graphic presentations for easy understanding as well as numerical outputs for precise applications
  • Summary results as well as daily outputs
  • Comprehensive result presentations for easy understanding of crop responses to weather, soil properties and crop management

Weather data format and preparations

  • Built-in utility for automatic conversion of weather data downloaded from AWDN of HPRCC
  • Easy preparation of weather data in a spreadsheet for raw data from other sources
  • Flexible data format without need for alignment
  • Built-in utility for checking weather data for erroneous or missing entries

For scientific research

  • Complete documentation for model formulation
  • Transparent and modifiable internal model parameters with the option of restoring to default values by a single mouse click
  • One click loading of numerical results into spreadsheet programs

For questions, comments or suggestions, contact: 

Dr. Haishun Yang
Department of Agronomy & Horticulture 
University of Nebraska-Lincoln
P.O. Box 830915, Lincoln, NE 68583-0915, USA 
Phone: +1-402-472-6372, Fax: +1-402-472-7904
E-mail: hyang2@unl.edu