How to run a simulation : collect required information

Simulation using the Hybrid-Maize model requires basic cropping information and weather data that represents the site of interest. Required cropping information includes:

  • Maturity of the cultivar, either by total GDD (growing degree days, or growing degress units, from planting or emergence to physiological maturity), or actual date of maturity (i.e., blacklayer), or relative maturity. GDD values are commonly available for commercial corn hybrids.
  • Date of planting or emergence.
  • Plant population at final count.
  • For rainfed (dryland) conditions: basic soil properties, including texture and bulk density of the top 30cm (1 ft) layer and sub-soil, maximum rooting depth, and soil moisture at planting.
  • For irrigated conditions: those for rainfed conditions, plus irrigation schedule (dates and amount)

Daily weather data are required. Single year simulation requires weather data for the growing season. Simulations with inclusion of long-term runs, including current season prediction, will require at least five years, preferably 10 years, of historical weather data. For optimal water conditions, three weather variables are required:

  • Solar radiation
  • Daily high temperature
  • Daily low temperature.

For rainfed or irrigated conditions, extra three weather variables are required:

  • Rainfall
  • Air humidity
  • Reference evapotranspiration (ET).

For preparing weather data, follow the instruction in Section 2.3.2 of the User's Guide.